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Brotabrot: Digital Album


Support Inki‘s music and buy a digital album of Brotabrot. Buy this product and receive a high-quality download in MP3. 

In her second album, Brotabrot, Icelandic artist Inki blends original music and interviews with former prisoners into a danceable, hip-hop-inspired composition that asks aggressive questions about the relationship between imprisonment and entertainment. 

Read translation of the interviews here:

1. Áhlaup á fangelsið
2. In the System
3. Sótthreinsi-Myglulykt
4. Strauk sjö sinnum
5. Í gegnum alheiminn til hennar
6. Love of my life, bad guy

Music: Inki
Mix & Master: Inki, Eiki Sig & Addi800
Released by Inki in 2022


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    Picture by Alexandre Souatre