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Icelandic musician Inki recording new songs
Inki an icelandic alt-pop artist

Hailing from the Nordic outpost of Iceland, Inki creates a brand of avant-pop that is difficult to qualitate. Haunting, interesting, and resolute, her sound posses a sweeping dichotomy that feels appropriate for the plains or the club floor, an undeniably Scandinavian talent.

Inki icelandic alt-pop musician

Icelandic artist Inki continues to push boundaries with her ethereal new single, “This One For Me”, out now.

Icelandic alt-pop artist Inki

After cementing herself with a broad and immersive array of gems these last few months, Icelandic artist Inki returns once again to deliver her dynamic new single ‘This One For Me’.

Capturing more of that bold and inventive approach to the alt-pop aesthetic she is known for, ‘This One For Me’ makes for a wonderfully vivid listen. With her warm and spellbinding voice layered across a kinetic and progressive production from start to finish, she is returning to the fold with one of her most distinctive offerings to date here.

This One For Me album cover by Inki

You know, I’ve written about a lot of Icelandic artists in NMC and previously over the years. They are all very good but Inki is the one that is most at the ‘cutting edge’ right now of those artists I am aware of. Can she reproduce this work live? If so I believe Iceland has another international star on its hands.

Black and white photo of alt-pop artist Inki

Following the release of Inki’s stunning new single ‘This One For Me’, we wanted to find out more about what inspires her unique sound. Check out some of Inki’s favourite songs below and be sure to listen to her latest release too!

Album Cover Thoughts Midsentence by Inki
female music producer in the studio
Icelandic alt-pop artist Inki
Album cover of inki's album Thoughts Midsentence
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