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Inki icelandic alt-pop musician

Inki Music Blog PUBLISHED It’s been nearly a year since I dropped the debut single, Playing With Fire, from my album “Thoughts Midsentence”. Now, as I prepare to release the fifth single, Svífa, you’d expect my heart to pound a little lighter when I hit that distribution button. It doesn’t. This time, it’s the first […]

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Inki Music Blog PUBLISHED Solange was singing “I slept it away, I sexed it away, I read it away” (Cranes In The Sky) when I was crowned “the worst break-up DJ”. My friend was going through a breakup and I had dragged her out for a cheer-up drive, but killing the vibe with my bad

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Inki an icelandic alt-pop artist

Inki Music Blog PUBLISHED When hearing music production words, I hear love language. And when I talk about relationships, I tend to think in music production words. Your energies are clashing, you cancel each other out, maybe it needs a bit of compression, you gotta find that leveling sweet spot for the perfect mix. This

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Inki Music Blog PUBLISHED I can feel my heart pounding in my chest and toes when I press the distribute button. The idea of this album has been baking in the oven longer than three elephant pregnancies (I just read that elephants’ gestation periods are nearly two years!). Procrastinating, I have searched for all the

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Inki Music Blog PUBLISHED Quite the Situation is an artwork composed of three elements – a bookwork, an album release, and an installation. They fold into one another, creating a three-dimensional story tied together with the strings of time and yet, unbound by it. The work shifts and evolves in continual motion: a book becomes

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The glaciers melt and a new landscape reveals itself. The process in itself isn’t ugly, the new
landscape is beautiful, but this beauty numbs our senses which makes it harder to react. It isn’t until the glaciers are gone that they will be missed.
The composition Pars Pro Toto is beautiful yet uncomfortable, soothing yet haunting, much like a glacier’s slow but unthinkable retreat.

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Inki Music Blog PUBLISHED It’s an established practice to put data into music to gain a deeper, different understanding of the information. The music composition, Underground, is built on this tradition, using earthquake data from the Icelandic Meteorological Office. The earthquakes are audibly realized on an old upright piano which has been taken apart in

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